David Byrne’s Playing The Building

Remember the news about David Byrne’s latest project, Playing the Building?

Playing the Building, a 9,000-square-foot, interactive, site-specific installation by David Byrne, will transform the interior of the Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan into a massive sound sculpture that all visitors are invited to sit and “play.”

Byrne’s project will consist of a retrofitted antique organ placed in the center of the building’s cavernous second-floor gallery that will control a series of devices attached to its structural features—metal beams, plumbing, electrical conduits, and heating and water pipes. These machines will vibrate, strike, and blow across the building elements, triggering unique harmonics and producing finely tuned sounds.

Byrne explains, it is an elaborate system for “activating the sound-producing qualities that are inherent in all materials.”

BoingBoingTV caught up with Byrne and got an personal tour of the installation.

4 thoughts on “David Byrne’s Playing The Building

  1. Byrne is brilliant in such a wonderful quirky way. Glad he is still doing his art for stimulating and inspiring us. That being said, I would not want to be the tour manager if this thing goes on the road. Loading in and out on a regular basis would be a bit much.

  2. This is very interesting news.
    Stumbeld upon this fantastic site via Create Digital Music and Brian Eno coverage.
    For how long will this show be running?

  3. Roland – thanks for the feedback. Glad you found the site.

    Here are the details:

    10 South Street, New York, NY
    31 May – 10 August 2008
    Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Noon – 6PM (Free)

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