Why I Hate Facebook

<rant>I’m not a big Facebook fan. 

Yeah – it’s a step above MySpace, but I find that most people that I want to follow, more often than not, have their own blog or site. 

But, why I really don’t like Facebook is junk like this: the “Give An Analog Synth” app: 

Basically, it lets you send a message to your Facebook “friends” with a picture of a synth that they probably can’t afford to buy, when what they really want you to send them is links to photos of keytar goddesses

About the time you send your “friend” a fake virtual synth, you start to think about how much time is spent programming/designing/using these social networking tchotchkas. And how much really cool stuff isn’t getting created because of this sort of junk. </rant>

So – if you’re a Facebook fan – enjoy!

via CDM, which I do like



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