Cosmo’s Secret To Saving Money: Ripping Off Music

Stretta’s Matthew Davidson pointed out Cosmo‘s latest tip for saving money: wholesale music piracy:

Cosmopolitan’s Bethany Heitman shares a ‘shameless money-saving trick’, presumably after penning another fabulous hand-job how-to article:

“Having new tunes is ideal, but shelling out the cash to buy said music hurts. Call up friends, and ask them to burn you a CD of songs they think you’ll like. Tell them you’ll do the same. Once you swap, you can upload the CD onto your computer and add it to your MP3 player.”

I also have a shameless money-saving tip: don’t buy this magazine.

Shelling out cash for Cosmo hurts, especially when they print crap like this instead of another hand-job how-to!

Ladies – if you’re that hard up for music – check out Davidson’s very nice free album of ambient music. It’s A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty.

6 thoughts on “Cosmo’s Secret To Saving Money: Ripping Off Music

  1. And then girls dont beleive us when we say they read crap and spend so much on such stupid and idiot magazine…

    they shouldnt tell me to stop spending on synths then…

  2. I’m trying to find the issue that this article actually appeared in. it has been all over reddit and digg today, but there isn’t any info in related blog posts and such to identify the issue.

    as you might guess, the Cosmopolitan website is no help at all. Is this for real?

  3. Copying CDs from friends is not piracy, it’s called “fair use” and it’s legal (resonably).

    But given that the average Cosmopolitan reader can actually afford paying for music, it’s quite a cheap attitude. Not to speak of that view on music as a replaceable discount product…

  4. Philip – if somebody’s copying a popular bands’ CD and giving it to their friends, it’s fair use, right?

    But if they’re copying your music and giving it to people, they’re ripping you off, right?

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