13 Bizarre Circuit Bent Children’s Toys

The Internet has given circuit bending, the process of hands-on experimentation with battery-powered electronic noise making circuits, a life of its own. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that somebody, somewhere, has circuit bent just about any electrical toy or gadget that you can imagine.

Here are thirteen of the most bizarre examples of circuit bending that we’ve seen:

The Ally Box – Circuit Bent Amazing Ally

This is a circuit bent and rehoused “Amazing Ally” doll. She lives in an old AM radio now, decapitated but still happy.

She still has a lot to say, as well.

Circuit Bent Furby, No Fur!

If Furby has no fur, is it still a Furby?

The Yellow Mouse Orchestra

8 Pikachus got bent, and now make up the Y.M.O.

Here’s more bent Pikachu:

Modified Toy Drums with TR-606

There’s nothing like sequencing cheap kids toys with vintage drum machines.

Circuit bent Bob Sponge Toy

Circuit Bent Farrah Fawcett

Circuit bent doll heads are popular, but bending an almost-recognizable Farrah Fawcett is even creepier.

Circuit Bent Crib Drone Machine

This is a circuit bent crib soother. Awesome for ambient drones.

Circuit Bent Glitch Monster

You gotta love mangled animatronic toys!

Circuit Bent “Fuckapede”

Austin Cliffe, Creme Dementia, plays the circuit-bent Leap Frog Alphabet Pal, aka The Fuckapede.

Circuit bent mechanical Furby Sequencer – The Furby Gurdy!

Furbies, along wih Pikachu, are one of the most popular toys for circuit bending.

In this Furby sequencer, each furby has 4 controls: mute, crash, loop and reset. The handle turns 8 cams which operate corresponding microswitches to create interesting rhythmic patterns.

Circuit Bent Vtech Apple

Circuit bent Vtech Alphabet Apple, using a photo resistor and potentiometer to achieve a theremin-esque sound.

Circuit Bent Amazing Band Animal Keyboard

Here’s Madnoodler’s circuit bent Amazing Band animal keyboard.

ASMO : Bent Circuits vs Modular test

This is one of the more “musical” demonstrations of circuit bending. eddie23a uses a circuit bent Grillo Parlante, Speak and Maths and Boss Dr Pad with it’s circuits exposed and a wet finger, and then filters it all through a Doepfer/Analogue Solutions modular synth.

The Grillo is used as the oscillator and the S&M is triggering the clock via an envelope follower which is then triggering the filters, envelope and sequencers on the modular.

All sound is generated by the Grillo, S&M and Dr Pad, no other oscillators are used.

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