Numark Introduces High Resolution Vinyl-To-CD Turntable

At the 2008 Summer NAMM Show, Numark introduced LP 2 CD,a professional tool for fine-quality conversion of vinyl recordings to CD, WAV or MP3, with or without a computer.

LP 2 CD is an all-in-one system with internal flash memory, so no computer is required to digital recordings from vinyl or any other analog source using the RCA line inputs.

Because it is built around 1GB of flash memory, you can make multiple copies of your albums, make custom mix CDs or export music via the integrated USB audio interface.

LP 2 CD Features:

  • USB turntable with integrated flash memory system and built-in CD burner for all-in-one recording from vinyl to CD
  • Mastering by Alesis, finest possible conversion audio quality and superior CD recording consistency
  • USB audio interface, analog (RCA) line in, and analog (RCA) line out for comprehensive connection

LP 2 CD is due at retailers in Q3-2008.

4 thoughts on “Numark Introduces High Resolution Vinyl-To-CD Turntable

  1. How is NuMark in the world of Turntables anyway? I know names of the companies that make these but I know nothing of quality. is this decent? I really like the fact that this dumps WAV’s onto a flash card, it definitely sounds like something my parents could use for their sets.

  2. Numark is so-so in the DJ world. I have seen heaps of broken Numark ‘crap’ at the clearance center. I owned two of their early decks whose chassis practically doubled as a spring reverb. Nowadays their new stuff is competitive but not on par with Technics. The drive quality is still not quite Technics level. In my opinion transferring vinyl is so tedious *no matter what machine you have* that it’s only worth doing on a hi-fi worthy deck (I use the Technics 1200). Just think: will this machine know when it encounters a skip, or which tracks belong where, or what the right recording level is? No; your attendance is always required!

  3. Bluebrat, Peter –

    I tend to agree – I’ve been using a couple of Technics turntables for about 20 years. I’m dating myself a bit with that remark, but it shows that they can make a turntable that’s nearly indestructable.

    I’m interested in a new turntable, and Technics’ SL 1200 is top of the list.

    It doesn’t do digital diddly squat, though.

  4. Not at all! Numark gear is high quality and have innovations and quality that rival technics. Although technics are seen as the best, this is only due to their long running company and original good build quality. Everyone that has gone or tried Numark has never gone back.

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