Roland Intros GW-8 Synth Workstation

2008 Summer NAMM Show: Roland announced the new GW-8 workstation, an entry-level arranger-workstation. 


The GW-8 features a wide variety of pre-programmed styles, focusing on the musical styles of South America and the southwest United States. Choose from four style variations for each song progression.

In addition to onboard styles, the GW-8 allows for seamless playback of MP3, .WAV, AIFF, or SMF files directly from USB flash memory for accompanying backing tracks. The GW-8 can also be refreshed with new songs and styles via USB flash memory.

The GW-8 offers an infrared D Beam, a pitch-bend/modulation lever, and a pair of control knobs for real-time expression. Performers will appreciate the large backlit LCD, especially on dark stages and in dimly lit studio environments.

More info is available at the Roland site. 

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