NIN Works The Internet Hard!

Anybody looking on tips on promoting their music via the Internet need look no further than NIN. 

Their latest Internet media trick is to plot their tour out on Google Earth:

On the tour page, you’ll find links and instructions for subscribing to NIN tour dates via a variety of methods, including Facebook, MySpace, iCal, iLike, and now, Google Earth and Google Calendar.

To subscribe with Google Earth, make sure you’ve installed the Google Earth software, then click here to download the nintour.kml file. If it doesn’t open automatically in Google Earth, locate the downloaded file on your hard drive and double-click it to open. With the file open in Google Earth, you’ll see a live display of the current tour dates (turn off other layers for a better view). You can click on each date for more information, and you can use the time slider on the upper right to trace the route of the tour. This file will update automatically as new tour dates are added or itinerary changes are made.

Download Google Earth at:
Download the NIN tour at:

Even if NIN’s music isn’t your cup of tea, you should be following them to see how they work the Internet hard.

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