Free Sample Library Features Moog’s Worst Synth

Goldbaby Productions has released a fun new sample pack that features arguably Moog’s worst synth, the Realistic Concermate (Radio Shack) Moog MG-1.

There are a lot of reasons the MG-1 was so cheesy, starting with the fact that it’s got the Radio Shack stamp all over it, moving on to the flawed construction to the dumbed-down control panel.

Despite the fact that it was a pretty cheesy little synth, it was a Moog with a real Moog filter, and if the sound wasn’t f’d up enough, Goldbaby ran it through a bunch of Audio Damage effects.

Download URL.

Don’t miss the rest of the free goodies at Goldbaby’s site.

Image: Kriton Visuals

8 thoughts on “Free Sample Library Features Moog’s Worst Synth

  1. You shouldn’t diss the MG-1/Rogue! They sound great, they’re simple, and they’re cheap. Or they used to be cheap.

    Biggest problem with them is that piece of foam behind the front panel that decays into sludge after 20 years. That stuff suuuuuucks!

  2. Had one back in our group’s experimental music days- it fit wonderfully with the processed noize sounds we were doing. A lot of fun from the Radio Shack distributed Moog. Thanks for posting!

  3. Yep – they are great, except they are Moog’s cheesiest synths and they self-destruct after 20 years – not good for a 25 year old synth.

    Even though they were pretty cheesy for Moog, they still can make some great noises – especially bass.

  4. It’s got the Realistic stamp all over it because it is a REALISTIC SYNTH. Yes, it was designed and made by Moog, but it was not released or marketed by Moog.
    It was not designed to be a professional synth, it was designed to provide as much of a synthesizer experience to the Radio Shack layman as possible. Because Moog did it so well, the result was a synth which could actually work in a professional context.
    Admittedly, it is a cheap construction, but no one could have known that the foam was going to turn into tar in 20 years.
    While the MG-1 definitely has its limitations, its functionality exceeds that of a lot of synths which go for more money, and it does have two oscs and a Moog filter!
    Lastly, it’s stupid to sample an analog synth.

  5. worst synth?

    maybe worst built, but in terms of features it kicks the rogue’s ass. i’ve got both, and it’s the mg-1 every day.

    a more interesting sound > a polyphony channel > pretty colours > high-note priority

    all depends on what you need it for…

    if anyone in the uk needs a rogue or an mg-1, i gotta get rid of them both… thebanddoctor AT


  6. The MG-1 I used for this sample pack I have had since 1987. I replaced all the decaying foam behind the front panel and total cleaned the insides. I also added an input that can send external audio to the filter… Plus a proper 1/4 output on the back.

    The self oscillating filter on this thing really is sweet!

    My first synth… and one I will never sell!

  7. Hugo – nothing like your first one, is there?

    My first synth was a Pro-One, which, like the MG-1, is a pretty cheesy piece of gear that can still make some great sounds if you know what’s it’s good for.

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