The Optigan Archives Vol. 1 Sample DVD-R Demo

This video features a series of very demos of sounds from the Optigan Archives Vol. 1 Sample DVD-R, compared with their related sounds from the Optigan/Orchestron/Talentmaker sample CD.

This is a set of loops and keyboard samples culled from the original Optigan/Orchestron studio master reels. While the Optigan itself always sounded lo-fi due to the limitations of its optical-soundtrack technology, the original master tapes retain their hi-fi sound quality (albeit in mono).

The Optigan master reels are a vast archive of early 1970s era musical building blocks, covering a wide range of popular styles from the period. Ultimately, only a small portion of this material ever made it onto production Optigan discs.

For this initial collection of samples, I’m focusing on that small portion and related out-takes. Future volumes in this series will comprise entirely unfamiliar material- out-takes which never saw the light of day on any Optigan disc.

More info at the Shoptigan site.

via Matrixsynth

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