Steve Roach Releases Empetus, With Special Berlin-School Style Bonus Disk

Steve Roach, who’s probably best known for his dark ambient and space music releases, also has done his share of work with a Berlin School (ie 70’s Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze) influence.

If you like the style, you’ll want to check out his rerelease of Emputus:

A new 2-CD Collectors Edition of EMPETUS is now available, on sale at a special price of $13.99! Any fan of sequencer-based pieces will not want to miss out on the bonus disc (“The Early Years”) with two amazing never-before-released pieces of long-form sequencer bliss recorded circa 1982: “Harmonia Mundi” was recorded live in the L.A.-based Timeroom with Swiss-born electronic musician Thomas Ronkin. At 45 minutes, this is one of the more possessed and intense analog sequencer trance pieces you’re likely to hear. “Release” is a 24-minute solo statement of emotion and energy.

Roach writes that the rights to Empetus have reverted back to him – so if you check out this release, you’ll not only get an interesting bonus disc, but you’ll know that you’re suppoting a synth pioneer.

You can preview Release, from the bonus disc, below. More previews at Roach’s site.

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