The $5,000 DJ Table

Got an extra $5 grand?

Then check out DJ Furniture’s “Homelander” DJ booth.

It’s a € 3295 (abou $5,000) high-style DJ booth that looks like it wouldn’t have been out of place in Clockwork Orange’s Korova Milk Bar.

Check out DJ Furniture’s promo video for the Homelander:

I’m no sure who can buy this sort of thing -but it does look pretty cool.


  • highgloss (custom color) finish.
  • perfect ( custom) equipment fit.
  • 3 front LED lights (with on/off switch)
  • 2 color power leds, both remote controlled ( on/ off/ color changing program
  • integrated air cooling fan.
  • integrated power supply ( on/off switched)
  • integrated sound cabling.
  • 2 xlr / 4 cinch connectors. 1 power ‘euro’ connector.
  • ( custom size ) monitor stands.

11 thoughts on “The $5,000 DJ Table

  1. thats fuckin gay, i could buy all of that equipment, for half that price, and build my own stupid plastic white tower. Anyone who buy’s this is an idiot, or a rich kid.

    1. um, no you can't, each one of those Decks are worth $1700, and the mixer is around $1000, add in speakers, and your well over that amount that you claim "you" can get it for. Do your homework and stop trolling websites, thinking you know shit.

  2. This typ of finish is very hard and very expensive to do. We would probably charge our clients about $3-4000 dollars JUST for this type of finsih. We build these types of DJ console all of the time and are one of the only companies in the US that do so. if you are state side and need this type of solution please contact us through our website. Great work on this console. it look like they though of everything…
    [email protected]

    PS to the idiot who made the first comments. I’m sure the equipment does not come with it for that price bozo. That Console is well worth the price. Go get a table and some bricks and build your own dj console u as you obviously do not know what you are talking about….

    1. I agree with the first idiot. I'll buy all the gear (used) for half the price of the stand, and find/build something else to house my gear. I don't care for the looks.

      P.S. You sound like someone who is really pleasant to work with. When customers have seemingly stupid questions do you call them 'bozo' too?

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