Free Music From Chris Randall

Chris Randall wears a lot of hats: producer, label head, blogger, software developer and key figure in the nascent “grindhouse” style of electronic music.

First and foremost, though, he’s a musician, and he wants to load up your iPod with a bunch of free music. So that pretty much everything you listen to will be his music, but under different names.

Randall’s not into all that “music wants to be free” Internet hippy crap. He wants to get paid for his music, but he understands the value of a little peak-a-boo tease, too.

Because of that, he’s shared dozens of free electronic music tracks at his personal site. They come from a variety of his music projects, including Sister Machine Gun, Micronaut & Scanalyzer. If you’re a podcaster,the music is “podsafe”, too.

You can preview a few tracks below – but visit his site to get the the motherload.

One thought on “Free Music From Chris Randall

  1. sister machine gun has been under the radar for a couple of years. these tracks bring me back to good times. thanks for sharing

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