Chicks That Mix: Little Boots’ Victoria Hesketh

It’s been awhile since we highlighted any Chicks That Mix.

There’s probably no better way to remedy that situation than drawing your attention to Little BootsVictoria Hesketh.

Hesketh is the former lead singer with Dead Disco, and now she does her own electronic dance music as Little Boots.

“Little Boots is just me, Victoria,” says Hesketh. “Well, it’s the name for my music project. I write and play stuff and sing and DJ and remix and do covers…Whatever I can get my hands on really!”

And she does analog:

There’s a fully produced mix of this on her MySpace page, but this solo version has its own charms.

Check out her Moroder-esque single, Stuck On Repeat, below. You can also sign up for a free mixtape from Little Boots at her site.

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