KRK Updates Rokit Subwoofer

KRK Systems has updated its popular KRK10s to match the new RokitG2 monitors.


The industrial design of the KRK10s leverages KRK’s research and development into baffle design and fabrication. The subwoofer’s curved front now matches the Rokit and VXT monitors’ diffraction reducing shape.

Updated electronics include a ground-lift switch for combating less than perfect electrical and audio grounding and a bypass footswitch that allows the subwoofer and crossover to be easily enabled and disabled. The bypass footswitch allows users to easily switch a mix from stereo or 2.1/5.1 sound environments. Improved amplifier heat sinking results in lower distortion at high power levels and the KRK10s has a lower noise floor than its predecessor.

The voicing has been slightly enhanced to provide even better mix clarity and precision and the scientifically designed front firing port reduces wall coupling and port turbulence.

I use a pair of first generation Rokit 5’s, paired with a Rokit 10s and have been happy with them – but the bypass footswitch is a great addition, along with the other tweaks.

Pricing and Availability:

The KRK10s replaces the existing RP10s subwoofer and will be available to buy in the UK from all good pro audio dealers for £299 inc. VAT

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