Techno Video Filmed In Second Life

This is techno video filmed “in” Second Life – the online virtual world.

I can’t go near Second Life – it’s the sort of thing that could suck up as many hours as you have in the day – but this is an interesting demo of both the virtual world and it’s capabilities as a platform for machinima-style videos.

This demo features “a lot of awesome things in the cyberspace of Second Life”, including:

  • Dynamic realtime shadows & per-pixel lighting ([email protected] in Aug-08)
  • Havok 4 physics
  • WindLight atmospheric rendering
  • Sculpted prims

One thought on “Techno Video Filmed In Second Life

  1. Lol the song uses a long Phillip Glass sample. Actually the song is pretty cool. But Second Life is fucking retarded just as this video is of following a couple shitheads iaround in it. Lame, absolutely lame.

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