Akai Updates OS For MPC5000, MPC2500, MPC1000 and MPC500

Akai MPC 5000

It looks like Akai is responding to the scorching criticism of it’s latest workstation, the Akai MPC 5000.

Akai Professional has released new Operating System firmware for all its current MPCs, including the MPC5000, MPC2500, MPC1000 and MPC500.

MPC5000 OS update
Operating System version 1.02 for MPC5000 resolves 14 issues, most notably enabling producers to load their old MPC2000 programs.

MPC2500 OS update
MPC2500 Operating System version 1.24 enables allows beat-engineers to save and open Chop Shop 2.0 files and improves upon 13 performance details.

MPC1000 OS update
Like its larger sibling, MPC1000 now provides its users with Chop Shop 2.0 support for file opening and saving. Operating System version 2.12 enables MPC1000 to auto-detect split points for Chop Shop, loop patched phrases, record Track Mute events and load MPC5000 .all files. Additionally, this release resolves 17 concerns.

MPC500 OS update
Even the smallest member of the MPC family, MPC500, gets a new Operating System. Version 1.31 enhances performance in two areas.

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