Sruti Box Drone Synthesizer For The iPhone

A sruti box or shruti box is a bellows driven harmonium-like instrument that provides a drone, used in Indian music and spiritual practices.

Henry Lowengard’s Sruti Box iPhone application simulates a sruti box with 12 reeds, which can be tuned in various ways, and you pump the bellows by waving the phone. There is a parameter that can be set so you don’t have to do this, but I find it adds to the authenticity in a subtle way.

SrutiBox provides sets of intervals, timbres and voicing controls to build drones for music, meditation, tuning, and educational purposes.

For example, you can use a variety of tuning tables, including Just, Harmonic, equal tempered & Sruti.

Here’s a demo of the Sruti Box in action:


I like that Lowengard is doing something a little left-field with Sruti Box. I downloaded this earlier – not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it, but it’s three bucks in the App Store (App Store link), so it’s cheap to check out.

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  1. Does this work with the iPhone version 3?? It's not appearing on my iPhone desktop even though I downloaded it from iTunes 8.2 just now…

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