Sextacular Aurora Mixer Kit Is DOA

It looks like the uber-sexy Aurora 224,  an open source USB powered multichannel DJ mixer, is DOA. 

According to a post by Mike Garbus in the Aurora forum:

We’ve got some unfortunate news. Due to a lack of interest we won’t be able to sell aurora units at this time. We needed to get at least 50 people signed up to get the group order through, and we did not even get 20 orders. We can’t currently cover the cost of the remaining thirty odd kits, so we’ll have to postpone the order indefinitely. If the situation changes you’ll be the first to know.

The site will stay up, and we will be posting more files in a few days for those of you who are interested in building your own.


the aurora team.

Hopefully they’ll reconsider this. It seems like they just announced this and are shutting it down without giving the project a chance to take off.

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