Moog Out With The Monkees

I love this great vintage Moog video – Micky Dolenz, by far the cutest of the Monkees, sings Daily Nightly. This is thought to be the first time a Moog was used on a pop record.

Not sure who’s playing the drums and the bass – but Dolenz plays the third Moog modular off the assembly line. Dolenz was in line right behind Walter (Wendy) Carlos and Buck Owens.

We all know what Carlos did with the Moog – but what about Buck Owens?

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4 thoughts on “Moog Out With The Monkees

  1. Buck Owen’s moog had been sitting in a storage room for some 30 years, until sometime last year when someone who worked for his company found it and started messing with it. He posted about it on in the forums, and attracted a firestorm because of his lack of knowledge about handling old, valuable instruments. Don’t know what happened after that.

  2. Fairly sure that Mickey owned that particular Moog; there’s pics out there of him learning it in his living room. “Pieces..” = great album, too.

  3. The bass was by Chip Douglas (of the Turtles, not one of My Three Sons!), and the drums by “Fast Eddie” Hoh, noted session player (Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch”, the Mamas and the Papas, and others). Guitar was by Nesmith, organ by Tork, and percussion by Jones. (Credits from Rhino Records liner notes.)

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