Awesome Looped Daft Punk Cover

Ableton Live looped cover of Something About Us by Daft Punk, performed on Nintendo DS Ubisoft Jam Sessions, Midi controlled software electric bass, drums, synth, vocoded vocals, and solo theremin, recorded in a single pass, with a single camera. 

Produced and Performed by Randy George & filmed by Nicolas Bates. You can visit Randy George’s Youtube Channel and watch the classical theremin music videos, too.

About the helmet:

It was made of papier-mâché with a custom LED visor built in … post production, using Softimage XSI and Adobe After Effects.

Yes, it was a visual effect! 3D modeling, manual rotoscoping, and motion tracking/motion stabilization tricks were employed to pull this off. A LED array with animated text was projected on to a manually rotoscoped 3D visor, that was subsequently composited with the original footage using motion trackers in After Effects.

The helmet itself took three days to make. I used 7 layers of card stock/normal stock paper strips in a special heavy mix paste recipe. The shape was built around a custom mold of shipping foam and gaffers tape. It was finished off with gunmetal grey paint.

The visor was made of plastic cut from a microwave oven splash cover.

via Analog Suicide

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