3 thoughts on “Get An Evil Robot Synthesizer For Halloween

  1. These are cute, but consider the Thingamakit instead. Sure you have to build it, but it’s a very well-thought-out kit — anyone who can solder can build it. I actually have more trouble with getting the mechanical part right — drilling out and mounting.

    It’s also double the modulation fun, and you can hack in a third LED-icle, using a spare schmitt trigger Dr Bleep helpfully provides pads for.

    Given Bleeplabs lead time on delivering kits, you probably won’t get it done for Halloween, but at $55 (without case) and $65 (with case) the savings are pretty substantial.

  2. Kent – I’m with you. I’d go with the kit and save a few bucks.

    But then I built a modular synthesizer from scratch, too and have probably fried a few brain cells from all the soldering.

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