Teaser For Upcoming Stars of the Lid Movie

This is the “teaser” video promo for an upcoming Stars of the Lid feature film. 

Stars of the Lid is an Austin ambient music group, made up of Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie.

According to McBride, the band’s name refers to “your own personal cinema, located between your eye and eyelid”, suggesting the colors and patterns one can see with closed eyes.”

Member bios:

Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie was born on the fifth floor of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City on September 17th 1969 and with the help of his parents, Jennifer and Earl Conn, was raised in a descent atmosphere of sports and athletics. Tennis was his early love, and his dream and desire was to break Bjorn Borgs’ record of 5 strait Roland Garros titles. This led to climactic jaunts in various tennis academies through the 70’s. He also lived in Dallas, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico where he went to high school. A bizarre skiing accident led to a knee injury which ended his tennis career at the tender age 16. In 1989, for a reason unbeknownst to him, a fresh water bass fishing expedition led him to Austin, Texas where he attempted to study (but failed miserably) at the University of Texas at Austin. He continued to walk in a cloud of haze for ten years until the dawn of the new millennium sparked his current relocation to the strange smelling region know as “Flanders” also known as Brussels, Belgium. He prefers spending his summers on the island of Aegina in the Mediterranean country of Greece, and scouring the earth for good tacos.

Brian Edward Mcbride was brought into this earth on July 6, 1970 in the hot weather environment of Irving, Texas. He spent a rather normal Texas childhood studying science, drinking cola slurpees, and being interviewed by the likes of Joan London on “Good Morning America.” In 1989 he moved to Austin on a debate scholarship to begin a vast and sordid university career that to this day his writing is still under fruition. He set the all time win/loss record for individual debate in division 5-A schools. He was subsequently nicknamed “the Michael Jordan of debate. These skills soon translated into obvious coaching abilities, where he coached Northwestern University to multiple national titles, and because of this continued domination of the sport, they became infamously known as “The Borg.” Currently, he is the debate coach at the University of Southern California. On his days off he enjoys walking the earth looking for comfortable chairs and Morricone soundtracks.

via AmbientMusicBlog

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