Jean Michel Jarre Launches Line Of Expensive Gadgets

Jean Michel Jarre has announced – not a new album of synth music – but a line of JM Jarre Technologies electronics, including the AeroSystem audio system and the AeroFrame digital picture frame:

AeroSystem is a great-looking hi-fi system/ iPod speaker base, with a strikingly original all-glass design, and an amazing precise, warm, powerful sound. Since it stands alone, it can fit anywhere in a room, and it projects a spectacular stereo soundscape through its two sound projectors.

AeroFrame is an elegant digital picture frame with a twist: it has a rechargeable battery, so you can lift it from its base to show pictures to friends on the sofa.

AeroSystem and AeroFrame are the first products of a brand new range of unique audio/visual concepts, affordable and of very high quality. The website is in French, as the initial launch is only in France at the moment. The entire range will be available in other territories in the near future. Apologies to the rest of you, please be patient.

The gadgets are attractive – but I’m not clear on where JMJ is going with this. If you know French, check out the site and let me know what you think in the comments.

One thought on “Jean Michel Jarre Launches Line Of Expensive Gadgets

  1. “Its sound processing electronic is specialy designed for all your mp3 encoding” !? What ? This is the first time I hear that !
    The fact that he does also a digital frame takes off some credibility. I would prefer he does some wierd hi tech fun synth rather than that !
    Can someone explain me how to have a stereo sound with one speaker ?

    Here’s an interessting thought of Jean michel jarre, still on the website : he thinks that if people lacks of interest for the physical support of music, it’s because of the lack of quality of the reproduction medium (cheap speakers for cheap mp3 player).
    Could be !

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