New Sound Library: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India

Impact Soundworks has released a new ethnic instrument sample library in Kontakt format: Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India.

“Sitar Nation” was designed to address the lack of sample collections focusing exclusively on Indian instruments with a level of depth normally reserved for violins and pianos. Priced at $119 as a digital download, the library enables any composer or producer with Kontakt to create realistic, expressive performances of the sitar, tambura, tabla and baya.

You can preview Sitar Nation below:



“Sitar Nation” features over 2.7 gigabytes of 24-bit samples programmed for Kontakt, making full use of the sampler’s scripting, mapping and processing capabilities. Users can choose from three mic positions for any of the primary playing techniques, which range from fingered and picked plucking to glissandos, whole tone bends, mordents, tremolos, phrases, strums, drones, and more. Extensive velocity layers and round robins are used throughout the library to reduce the “machine gun” effect and improve realism. For composers and producers looking for quick inspiration, a collection of tabla and baya MIDI grooves are included which feature a range of styles and are compatible with any sequencer at any tempo.

Along with a variety of important articulations and strokes, the library also includes a folder of special “FX” patches which make use of extensive offline and realtime processing to create entirely new sounds from the core audio content. Patches in this category include both inharmonic, warped and distorted sounds as well as warm pads, flute-like tones, granulized textures, and a number of others.

The library was produced and designed by composers Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II. Professional musicians were hired to perform the sounds in a high-end facility in Philadelphia, PA using Neumann and AKG microphones, API preamps and Pro Tools HD.

“Sitar Nation: Classical Instruments of India” is available now directly through the Impact Soundworks website where it can be purchased for $119 as a digital download. The library is programmed for Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler, versions 2 and higher.

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