iPhone App Lets You Sound Like Darth Vader…Or A Chipmunk

Smule’s Sonix Vox is a $.99 iPhone app that lets you do real-time audio processing. Sonic Vox shifts and contorts your voice while you are talking, letting you sound like Darth Vader or a chipmunk.


  • Alter your voice with a swipe of your finger. Want to cross over to the Dark Side? Slide your finger to the left. Now say it. You know you want to. “Luke, I am your…”
  • Or maybe you are feeling conflicted about having lost a “preciousssss” ring? Move your finger back and forth horizontally and go ahead, rant on
  • Transform your voice even more. Simply swipe your finger up and down and hear what happens, hear what happens…
  • Use it like a phone, with headphones, through an amplifier, or over Skype

Looks dumb but fun!

One thought on “iPhone App Lets You Sound Like Darth Vader…Or A Chipmunk

  1. Why would someone or some company make such a fine product, but is does not work on the DROID Incredible…. Droid – Vader??????????????

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