Ancient Ace Tone Rhythm Ace Gets MIDIfied, Does Hip Hop

This is a short demo of a classic Ace Tone Rhythm Ace Drum Machine which has been modded with MIDI trigger capability.

It’s being triggered by an Oberheim DX ‘a’ (the ‘a’ was the last DX model made by Oberheim and featured stock MIDI), running a few simple patterns.

The Rhythm Ace has about 9-10 drum sounds, most of them are made using resonant transistor oscillator circuits – all the transistors are Germanium – with inductors. There are no IC’s anywhere within the Rhythm Ace (well, now there is with the MIDI board).

The MIDI board is made by Highly Liquid and is actually intended for use in the Atari 2600.

via rolandsh1000

5 thoughts on “Ancient Ace Tone Rhythm Ace Gets MIDIfied, Does Hip Hop

  1. The old Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machines are really cool, especially if you tweak them and run them through effects. I've put some pages online for three of them, the FR-6. the FR-15 Rhythm Producer and the Rhythm Fever. The pages have lots of info, many pictures both inside and out, and repair/mod procedures.
    Check it out here:

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