Auto-Tune EFX So Cheap That Now Everybody Can Sound Like T-Pain

Antares Audio Technologies and Guitar Center have announced Auto-Tune EFX, an entry-level version of its real-time pitch correction software. 

For $129, everybody can now sound like T-Pain and Cher. 

Do you believe in Pain? Get ready for an explosion of the Auto-Tune effect in YouTube videos!

Designed to make almost everything automatic, Auto-Tune EFX provides two different flavors of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect, as well as real-time pitch correction. Users select their desired effect type, set the key and scale of their track, and Auto-Tune EFX does the rest.

For songs with complex chord progressions or modulations, one can optionally set up custom scales or use their host’s automation facility to allow the processing of virtually any vocal line.

Note that Auto-Tune EFX requires an iLok USB key, which is included – but plan on kissing a USB slot goodbye. 

“In addition to its position as the professional-standard pitch correction tool, Auto-Tune has gained renown as the tool of choice for what has become one of the signature vocal sounds of our time,” said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing. “Most recently, its use by T-Pain (and many others in the pop, R&B and hip-hop communities) has ignited intense interest in the effect and introduced the magic of Auto-Tune to an even larger community of musicians and producers. As a result, we designed Auto-Tune EFX to be an affordable, easy-to-use tool that will allow pretty much anyone to use genuine Evo Voice Processing Technology to create these effects and perform basic real-time pitch correction.”

Auto-Tune EFX is available now for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC) and Audio Units (Mac OS X) at a U.S. MSRP of $129.00. All Macintosh versions are universal binaries.

8 thoughts on “Auto-Tune EFX So Cheap That Now Everybody Can Sound Like T-Pain

  1. Digital tune changing, reverberation, vocoders etc shouldn’t be used to death in music where the vocals are the focus, unfortunately no one seems to realize that

  2. I think Auto-Tune EFX is a good thing which is create a revolution in music world.

    Prem Prakash

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