Monolake Releases Music For Washing Dishes

Robert Henke, aka Monolake, is offering a unreleased track at his site, Decay, as a free download from his site.

This track is from June 2006. I found it on a backup drive whilst searching for something else.

When I made it, I soon felt something is missing, it sounded old and nostalgic too me, a dead end, a film watched way too often. Now, i feel even more distant to it.

During the last two years my musical interest moved away from anything that could be labeled ‘minimal techno’, a genre that became totally empty, uninspired and formalized. A straight bassdrum beat does not make me dance anymore.

Enjoy it as nice background. I tested it for washing dishes, sorting invoices and watering flowers. It worked quite well.

via the very nice disquiet ambient electronica blog.

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