Cool Experimental Electronic Music Video Has Me Scratching My Head

si-no’s intro // 001 had me scratching my head, until I read the video’s description:

The head of Dickson, over a salver, alike Holofernes or John the Baptist, mutate in less that one atosecond in a luminic fluctuating stream of information which is running very quick through the Thompson Chatodic’s tube. Slowly, it start to be colorized (red, blue, yellow, white, black, blue…), and slowly also, the Huygens skeletons begin to dance around it. Then starts the party! An Acephale decide to morph particle by particle of light, creating a distorted plane, composed of lines that move in all directions of space. We know now that the head metamorphosed inside the Rutt-etra video synthesizer. “SI” shouted the head! “NO!” implored his body!

Let me know what you think!

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