Free Album Of 8-Bit Nine Inch Nails Covers

Robo-Bot Records has release a free album of Nine Inch Nails covers by 8-bit chiptune artists, Nine Chip Nails

The compilation was organized at the 8 Bit Collective forum.


  • Little-scale: The day the world went away 
  • SCSI: Down In It 
  • Microchip: Survivalism 
  • Kyotosapian: Heresy 
  • Subway Sonicbeat: Eraser 
  • Hartfelt: Hurt 
The download is available from the site. 

3 thoughts on “Free Album Of 8-Bit Nine Inch Nails Covers

  1. Oh, hello, i’m the guy who posted, the website is mine hahaha, so, the old page is down, but in the main page of the site is still there. Hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Kurt – thanks for the info – I update the links.

    Let me know if they change – don’t want people to miss out on the opportunity to check this out!

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