6 thoughts on “Presetsurfer on Monome & WiiMote

  1. Hi,
    thanks for mentioning my show. Here are the 2 rules i follow as presetsurfer:
    1) Only use existing presets (in this case Massive “Mino” and two Absynth-presets) – and don’t modify them!
    2) Use the computer only as sound-generator but not as a controller. In this case the perfomance is controlled entirely by the monome and wiimote.

  2. Some interesting ideas you have going Max. I suggest that you put some reverb on your voice. It will help your intonation. Plus a chorus and/or bridge would be a welcome respite around the 5 minute mark.

  3. Max – thanks for clarifying the rules for your shows as presetsurfer.

    Everybody likes to trash the idea of using presets, but I can see how it could also be an interesting challenge to work with, too.

  4. This is aweseome! I’d really like to know how you programed to resequence your voice sample like that. Is it an MSP patch?

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