Freakishly Weird Talking Guitar Video

We haven’t ruined your day with scary videos recently, so we thought we better remedy that with this creeptacular vintage video of Roddis Franklin “Pete” Drake doing his 1962 “talking steel guitar” hit, Forever

Drake was a record producer, record company founder and musician whose steel guitar playing was heard on hundreds of hit recordings including such chart toppers as Lynn Anderson’s Rose Garden, Charlie Rich’s Behind Closed Doors, Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay and Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man.

There’s not a synth in site, yet this is still spectacularly awesome.

Says Boing Boing’s Mark Frauenfelder: “This is where David Lynch got his ideas.”

Update: Richard Lainhart left a comment, noting that Alvino Rey designed and used the first talkbox, in 1939. Rey’s greatest fame may be as one of the key guitarists of the exotica movement, because of “the other worldly Theremin-like sounds he coaxed from his console guitar”.

2 thoughts on “Freakishly Weird Talking Guitar Video

  1. Richard –

    Thanks for sharing that – that’s much earlier than I would have imagined.

    Somehow, talk boxes were left out of my music education. We learned how to splice tape, though!

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