Vintage Drum Machines Sample Collection & ReFill

SoundJump has released a new sample library, Vintage Drum Machines.

The VDM Complete collection contains the following vintage drum machine emulations:

  • 808
  • DMX
  • MXR
  • 909
  • Drumtraks
  • SDSV
  • 707
  • Drumulator
  • SK-1
  • 727
  • Linn9000
  • Rhythm Ace


This collection of vintage drum machines was created from the original drum machine. Additionally, the sounds were modified with distortion algorithms, vintage reverb and transient enhancements to offer an even wider sonic palette.

The “VDM Complete” includes a self contained Reason ReFill featuring Combinator Redrum and NN-XT patches with “eye-candy” graphics that are reminiscent of the original drum machines. Also, an assortment of 125 blank Reason Combinator skins are included for you to customize your Reason rack.

For non-Reason users, the VDM Complete includes the “Sampler Collection” which has all the .wav files (1,448 Samples) and preset files for the following soft samplers:

  • Apple Logic EXS24
  • Digidesign Structure (All Versions)
  • NI Battery
  • NI Kontakt

Furthermore, all 1,448 of the samples in the collection are in organized folders for you to browse and load into any software or hardware device that uses the standard .wav format such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Akai MPC, Roland MV, etc.

MSRP: $39.99.

Update: We removed the link for SoundJump because the content has either moved or has become unavailable. If any reader has an updated link for this, please leave it in the comments!

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