Complex Modular Synth Patch

This video demos a complex modular synth patch with the TIpTop Z3000 & Z5000:

This patch got few tricks, first the Z5000 gets the sine from one VCO on his left channel then the sine of a second VCO on his right channel. 

All three Z3000 are first having there frequencies set so they are spaced equally. Then, a CV from the computer Midi to CV is connected to all three, cascaded using the 1V/Oct I/O on the Z3000, all three are now playing the same sequence.

The VCO in the middle is frequency modulating the right VCO, the FM index is set at the ‘safe zone’. 

The most left VCO which is set to the highest frequency among the three is pulse width modulating the middle VCO. 

Now the only thing left to do is just plug the waveforms from these three VCOs into filters and VCAS creating separate sound path and then sent to the computer interface for recording. Drums are played by a loop on Ableton Live. Thats it!!

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