Free App Turns Your iPhone Into A Kaossillator-Style Synthesizer

Noise Trio (App Store Link) is a free iPhone synthesizer from the maker of Pro.

It has three instruments with scale like KAOSSILATOR. First played is Rock Guitar with blues scale, then Arabic flute and Japanese Bells.

It’s based on the sound engine, but with limited features.

3 thoughts on “Free App Turns Your iPhone Into A Kaossillator-Style Synthesizer

    1. midi isn't sound, it's control information that can be passed to any midi capable device (not even necessarily a musical instrument) or used to sync hardware using midi time code.

  1. I hear it too!

    Although, I don’t think midi really has a “sound” at all. This phone app definatley sounds “Sterile & Artificial”, compared to the REAL KORG KAOSSILATOR. I will take the real thing anyday and it’s even smaller then the phone!

    It’s definatley a cool phone, just not even close to the sound & feel of the Kaossilator!

    Make good music any way you can….for now, l would say “not on your phone”

    Use your phone to call someone in the Music/Technology sales business or to search the internet to order a real Kaossilator (or at least go check it out for yourself).

    John Chase

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