Orbital Back Together


Phil and Paul Hartnoll are reuniting as Orbital, after four years of relative obscurity, to headline UK’s Big Chill Festival in England, next August. 

“It’s not an exercise in nostalgia, the time just seems right. Everything just seemed to fall into place,” says Phil Hartnoll. “We’ve got 15 years of active service, making song. If you boil that down to a 90-minute festival set you should get something thoroughly exciting from beginning to end. Let’s put some fun back into it.”

The Big Chill set will be billed as Orbital: 20 years after Chime.

via In The Mix

4 thoughts on “Orbital Back Together

  1. OMG! What fantastic news! I look forward to how they’ve progressed since — as much as I’ve enjoyed some of their work apart, there’s nothing like the brothers being together again. Thanks for sharing this story, and mmmm in my dreams, I hope for a bona fide collab with Kirsty Hawkshaw AND Goldfrapp. Maybe they can do something in Second Life, like Long Range did.

  2. Your kidding, Second Life? No, no no no, go fuck yourself, do not do something this grande in a shitty virtual piece of crap thing like that. Do a proper real-world set, not some dumb assed shitty gimmick like SL that only nerds and anime fucktards use. Seriously I can’t believe you suggested that.

  3. BlueBrat – forget to take your meds?

    I’m not big on SL either – it’s got a pretty unusable user interface – but Torley probably didn’t need the full-bore reaming.

    I’d love to see Orbital – but, like you, I’d like to see them in person.

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