3 thoughts on “Free Music From The Prodigy

  1. Thanx for the news!

    The rhythm of the main riff reminds me of New Order’s “Blue Monday” with a touch of Peter Hook. Prodigy have never failed to come up with catchy riffs.

    Some very nice sonic details and stereo effects.

    Crisp beats. Some nice programming without getting into crazy stutter edits.

    A political theorist could say this sounds rather militant and nationalistic, but that’s outside my realm.

    I was expecting lyrics, not just vocal samples.

    I could see an apt music video really enhancing “Invaders Must Die”‘s memorability, but it doesn’t stand out as much to me as, say, “Smack My Bitch Up”. I think this is because I’m used to this kind of sound, so aside from the lack of vox, it’s what I was expecting.

  2. Sounds like Liam H. got influenced a lot by the Justice/Ed Banger hype, but couldn’t get anywhere near them. Terrible.

  3. A lot of people is expecting another “Fat of the land”. I personally would like to hear something more on the style of “Experience” or “Music for the Jilted Generation”.

    I like this song, but I expected more. A little more details on the rythm and more sound effects here and there to add variety. It’s like “Spitfire”, the album version is ok, but the single is better.

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