New App Turns Your Phone Into A Virtual Roland TB303

The finger BassLine (App Store link) is a musical instrument for the iPhone and the iPod Touch that’s heavily inspired by the legendary Roland TB-303.

It turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a monophonic synthesizer with built-in pattern-based step sequencer, and it’s priced at a bite-sized $3.99.

Bassline doesn’t accurately duplicate a 303’s look or sound – but it does turn your iPhone into a bassline synth that can turn out some interesting acid sounds.

Synth section features include:

  • Oscillator with two waveforms (sawtooth or square)
  • Stable low-pass filter allowing high resonance values not leading to self oscillation 
  • Graphical representation of the filter parameters

Sequencer section features include:

  • Individual pattern lengths (up to 64 sixteenths)
  • Emphasized notes and pauses
  • Smooth transition between notes
  • Functions to clear, transpose, shift, and clone patterns

Live performance features:

  • Realtime modulation of the filter parameters using the intuitive pad-controls
  • Pattern switches take effect on downbeat

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