Giant Wiimote-Based Mashup-Controller For Ableton Live

The Evolution Control Committee have invented a rear-projected infrared-activated faux-touchscreen mashup controller…hacked from the Nintendo Wiimote.

It’s a bizarre McGyver – but you got to love the giant screen and the “insanely overloaded Ableton Live” running on it.

According to the ECC, the Mashup Controller is “the secret sauce that makes The ECC’s Wheel Of Mashup live mashup shows possible.”

If you’re not familiar with the ECC, they claim to have been to have been “creating illegal music since 1986, when copyright infringement was done the hard way.”

When they aren’t creating McGyver’d music controllers, they’re coming up with new euphemisms for sex. As if “doing the mashup” wasn’t good enough. 

Let me know what you think of this 4′ wide Mashup Controller!

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