FutureSound Gives Your Brain A Soundtrack

FutureSound (App Store link) is a new iPhone app that is designed to give you a custom soundtrack.

This first release features 10 soundtracks, including compositions from experimental music artists David Toop and Scanner.

The app is $9.99, which seems a little steep – but they’ve also involved some interesting electronic music artists to create a unique mobile music environment. 

If you try it out, though, let us know what you think in the comments!


FutureSound listens to the world around you through your headset mic and generates intelligently-composed sound in real time. Live. Unique to your surroundings, new each time you play it. Select from a range of soundtracks and create your own sound environment while working, relaxing, or on the move. FutureSound is intelligent and adapts to your surroundings, composing itself instantly and evolving over time. It helps you create your controlled personal sound world while keeping you connected.

2 thoughts on “FutureSound Gives Your Brain A Soundtrack

  1. It’s awesome, definitely worth the ten bucks. There’s nothing else like it on iPhone or anything else in fact. Only gotcha is you need to use it with a handsfree set with mic.

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