Korg Intros Kaossilator Pink Limited Edition.

Korg has introduced a limited edition Kaossilator Pink.

It’s like the normal Kaossilator – except pink. It’s expected to be available soon for about $300.

Kaossilator Description 

The Kaossilator is a dynamic phrase synthesizer and comes packed with 100 sound programs that combine Korg’s modelling synthesizer engine with effects from the KAOSS Pad series. Its horizontal axis is assigned to note/pitch, while the vertical axis is assigned to parameters such as: cut-off, feedback, or modulation depth, giving you a wide range of performance possibilities. In addition to classic synthesizer sounds, there are faithfully simulated piano, guitar and trumpet sounds as well as looped and one-shot drum sounds.

The Kaossilator offers you a choice of 31 different scales, including chromatic and diminished, as well as major and minor blues and pentatonic scales – by using the key setting function, you can play them in any key. In addition to the standard western scales, Korg has included a few more exotic varieties such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga. It also includes a Gate Arpeggiator which enables you to produce specific patterns of notes in sync with user specified tempos, and a Loop Recording function allowing you to record a phrase with a specified number of beats to a maximum of two bars (or measures) and add layers to it.

5 thoughts on “Korg Intros Kaossilator Pink Limited Edition.

  1. The street price of the limited pink version is almost the same as for the yellow one. I guess this is on my hit list. Pink looks so beautiful 🙂

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