Two Free Prohibited Music Downloads

via the electronic music forumElektrotribe has released a couple of free “prohibited” downloads:

We are happy to announce the launch of our limited free Mp3 serie: Elektrotribe prohibited. 
Tracks are encoded in mp3 high quality and will be available from beatport at the end of the free download period. 

BREGER opens the series with an incredible Techno House song: Helpless In Remscheid

This second Elektrotribe prohibited featured a new Pumpin Minimal track with vocals by VOODOO J.

5 thoughts on “Two Free Prohibited Music Downloads

  1. There’s some good stuff on there, but my god, is that one shitty abstract website. Very tough to figure out where to go and for what.

  2. bluebrat – yeah – it’s no wonder people like MySpace. It’s a craptacular site, but at least you can figure out where to find stuff.

  3. To both above:
    Agree – really badly thought out.
    But it’s free.


    Why not a podcast?

    Elektrotribe – nice one!
    Any chance of considering the above 3 comments?!

  4. Like the podcast idea.

    Not sure why more record companies don’t offer them. If you like what you hear, you check out the new albums. If you don’t, the record company isn’t really losing anything.

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