Numerology 2.0 Modular Music Sequencer For Mac OS X


Five12 has announced the release of Numerology 2 for Mac OS X.

Numerology is a modular music sequencing and audio plugin environment. It uses an approach to electronic music composition based on the techniques of step sequencing and pattern sequencing, augmented by a modular environment that encourages improvisation and experimentation.

Numerology 2’s module library is centered around a core set of sequencing modules, each targeted for a specific task: The MonoNote sequencer for monophonic lead and bass melodies, the PolyNote and MatrixSeq modules for polyphonic sequencing and the eight-track DrumSeq for drum programming.

There are also a pair of ‘component’ sequencers, the CV (control value) and Gate sequencer modules, which can be used for a technique called Discrete Sequencing, whereby users can create melodic lines by independently sequencing the individual components of notes: pitches, rhythms and dynamics. This modular approach to step sequencing maintains the immediacy that step sequencing is known for, while greatly increasing the range of compositional techniques the composer can employ.

A full suite of companion modules can be mixed and matched with the sequencers to expand their capabilities, including LFO’s, Envelopes, CV Mixers, and MIDI generators and processors. Another key feature of Numerology is the ability of the user to quickly and easily apply modulation to almost any parameter with just a few mouse clicks. Application of this type of automation to musical parameters such as tempo, pitch intervals and pattern length opens up many new opportunities for creative composition.

In order to provide structure for this environment, Numerology’s modules live within a series of virtual equipment racks, called stacks. Typically there is one stack for each musical part in a composition. Each stack maintains an independent set of presets for its modules, which enables a very flexible way of building pattern-based compositions.

This release of Numerology 2 also includes a pair of sample-based synthesis modules, a polyphonic AudioSample module and an eight-part DrumKit module. Although simple in design, their integration with Numerology affords them some unique benefits, including the ability for the user to customize their settings for each preset pattern, the easy application of modulation to any parameter, and individual outputs for each part in the DrumKit.

Numerology 2 requires an Apple Macintosh computer with a CPU speed of 1Ghz or better, and 1GB or more of RAM, running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later, and a screen resolution of 1024×768 or better.

Numerology 2 is currently available for purchase from the Five12 Web Store for an introductory price of $99 (USD). After January 4th, the price will be $119 (USD).

Features of Numerology 2:

  • A modular step sequencing music composition environment.
  • MIDI-based Note Sequencing modules for monophonic, polyphonic and drum sequencing.
  • Flexible CV & Gate Sequencer modules for ‘component-based’ sequencing.
  • GrooveClock module for building custom grooves.
  • A variety of analog-synthesis-style modules for generating and processing streams of control (CV) data, including LFO’s, Envelopes and XY controllers.
  • Several MIDI processing and filtering modules.
  • Audio Unit hosting.
  • An eight-part sample-based DrumKit synthesizer.
  • A polyphonic sample-based AudioSample module for audio synthesis.
  • A flexible virtual-rack system for organizing modules into musical parts, called Stacks.
  • An integrated preset system for coordinating all module settings within a stack.
  • An easy to setup parameter modulation system for modulating almost anything from anything else.
  • MIDI remote control of almost any parameter.
  • A timeline-based playlist arrangement system.
  • A dedicated audio mixer with 8 stereo aux sends per stack.
  • Custom routing of CV, Audio & MIDI data streams.
  • Stereo audio recording of the Master and Alt output busses.
  • Flexible synchronization via MIDI Clock, MTC or ReWire.
  • Universal binary for Mac OS X, 10.4.11 or later.

One thought on “Numerology 2.0 Modular Music Sequencer For Mac OS X

  1. num is the shiz. i’m getting ready to give up Live finally, and this is the tool that will let me do it.

    if any Synthtopia readers are in the colorado/denver area, the developer is hosting a 2 day hands-on workshop here on january 24-25. we have a few slots open, please feel free to contact me for further details: bug DOT out AT gmail DOT com

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