Minimum Noise Brings “Crowdsourcing” To Music Production

Minimum Noise is a startup site that promises to bring the idea of “crowdsourcing”  to music. 

The idea of crowdsourcing is that the more people you have access to, the better the results can be. Whether this is a valid concept or will work for music remains to be seen. 

In this day and age, most computer musicians are interested in doing as much as they can themselves. Sites like Minimum Noise, though, promise to let you connect with musicians around the world, so if you need a dumbek solo for a soundtrack you’re working on, you’ve got access to a dumbek player from wherever you may be. 

Here’s how Minimum Noise works:

  • A project is created, describing the kind of production requested and the prize offered.
  • Musicians audition for the project with sound bites or examples of previous work.
  • A winner is chosen and audio and money are exchanged.

While the site is launching, you can try it out for free. Details at the site.

What do you think – is there a future in “crowdsourcing” music?

via Rekkerd

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