MixVibes Producer Sampler Contest

MixVibes has announced its PRODUCER Sampler Contest, a contest to elect the best 1 minute video performance on MixVibes PRODUCER.

Contestants will be given 2 exclusive breakbeats from DJ Troubl’s latest Dub a Breaks and a pack of royalty free scratch samples to perform with MixVibes PRODUCER. The participation is free and open to DJs and Producers of all levels of experience.

1st place: 1 DVS PRODUCER + 1 U46MK2 sound interface + 1 Korg PadKontrol
2nd place: 1 DVS PRODUCER
3rd place: 1 DVS PACK MK2

1st to 5th place: 2 “Dub a Breaks” vinyl records + 1 MixVibes T-Shirt

Details at the MixVibes site.

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