GForce End Of Year Webcast 2008

GForce has published a 2008 end-of-year webcast, featuring tracks created with GForce instruments.  

You an listen to it here.

GForce Webcast Track Listing

Track Name Artist Featured GForce Instruments
Skip O Tron Dave Spiers
M-Tron Pro
Optitron Dave Spiers
M-Tron Pro, VSM & impOSCar
Superwow Sorry Computer
M-Tron Pro
Winter Falls Ian Neal
M-Tron Pro, VSM & impOSCar
Something Secret Dave Spiers
Sleeping Remix Clean
impOSCar & Minimonsta
Throwback Goldielocks & Future Cut
Once Donkey Tugger
Everyone’s A Loser I Monster 

New album due in February entitled “A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars”.
New single in January. “A Sucker For Your Sound”

Demo David Hentschel
M-Tron Pro
Hustler (Dean Coleman remix) Simian Mobile Disco
Get With It Chris Joss
Countess Martin Steib
M-Tron Pro
Moon In Water Underworld
Get Me a Pint? Dave Spiers
M-Tron Pro & VSM

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