19 thoughts on “Are You Going To NAMM?

  1. Oh hell yes! There will be a couple members of Dead Panda there,
    I’ll be there every day, Eric will be there too. You may even see the other
    Pandas wandering about (or camped out in the Moog booth).
    I’ll be making the rounds, so hit me up if you’re going….
    It’s my backyard, so if anyone has SoCal questions feel free to ask.

  2. Oh hells yeah I’ll be there! With Katy Rokit by my side and VictorJohn and Lady Em of Tekfunk Recordings. We’ll be hitting up BCM, Noizebug, DSI, Moog, and all the other usual suspects, including Elektron’s own booth this year! See you there soon! follow me on Twitter: shagghie
    for updates…

  3. Krawl will be at NAMM 2009 sponsored by Furman. Thursday thru Sunday. It’s Gonna Rock! We’ll be hitting up the Tone Tubby Booth, Line 6, and in general looking to meet some cool people who love music!
    See you there!

  4. Owww. My feet hurt! I actually walked around the whole thing. Yikes!
    The thing that stood out the most was the Moog Voyager, the one with the pad. I could not stop playing with it! I would grab a patch and start tweaking it, then start jamming on a riff. Beautiful! The Moog Theremin controller was dope too! Way cooler than some of the novelty controllers that show up here from time to time. I am going back tomorrow, I’ll be with a couple of the other Pandas, camped out in the Moog booth. I want a Phatty too, but I knew that before Namm…

  5. What’s up, Synthopia?

    This is Nadir. I’m here at NAMM working with The Beat Kangz repping the Beat Thang.

    Yes, kids. The Beat Thang is for real. Come by booth #2764 and check us out.

  6. Has anyone been to John Bowen’s (Sonic Core is in the same one)booth, #1121 and have any comments on his Solaris keyboard? I’ve had one pre-ordered since August and am anxious to hear what anyone has to say.


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