Stanton Audio SCS.3d DaScratch

Gearwire’s Bill Holland tackles this demo of Stanton DaScratch.

Here’s the official Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch intro video from Richard Devine:

Remix magazine’s Markkus Rovito summed up the Stanton DaScratch like this:

Given the great design and excellent responsiveness of the multitouch-sensitive surface, DaScratch holds enormous potential as a controller. However, the full potential is really only unleashed when you have a decent control preset to work with. Luckily, Traktor and Serato Scratch are the two most popular DJ programs, so if you use one of those, you’re covered. If you don’t, you can still open a generic preset and set up DaScratch to do your bidding using your software’s MIDI Learn functions. DaRouter will remember your settings the next time you load up that particular generic preset.

About the Stanton DaScratch:

DaScratch™, a.k.a. the SCS.3d, is the latest innovation in the Stanton SC System control surface line. Revolutionary and compact, this controller is a necessity for any digital DJ looking for ultimate control over their software of choice. DaScratch’s compact and sleek profile makes it a space-friendly addition to any existing DJ gear set-up or can stand on its own as a complete controller solution. What makes this guy different from your average controller?

Stanton’s StanTouch™ technology allows you to use traditional DJ-style motions and gestures on a touch-pad style surface to take full control over music and software applications such as Traktor DJ Studio™, Traktor Scratch™, Ableton Live™, Serato Scratch Live™, or any other MIDI compatible software. Minimal moving parts ensure durability from gig to gig.


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