Kyma Pacarana A Supercomputer For Sound

Music and passion are always in fashion with Symbolic Sounds’ new Kyma Pacarana – described as a supercomputer for sound.

The Pacarana is a powerful multiprocessor computer that runs alongside your Macintosh or PC. Like other computers, the function of the Pacarana is defined by its software. Unlike other computers, the Pacarana doesn’t have to run a huge general-purpose operating system with elaborate GUIs and multiple independent processes that can interrupt each other at any time. 

The entry-level Pacarana ($2790) costs less than a Basic Capybara-320, but the new entry-level model is 5 times more powerful. 

Control the Pacarana with any USB-MIDI device, FireWire-MIDI controller, or MIDI-generating software. Symbolic Sound has been working closely with Haken Audio to create seamless plug-and-play operation with the new MIDI-based Continuum fingerboard.

Other controllers with a high degree of Kyma integration include the Wacom tablet, the CM Labs MotorMix, and the controllers supported by Camille Troillard’s OSCulator ( software, including the Nintendo Wiimote, the Jazz Mutant Lemur, the Logitech Space Navigator, and others.

The Pacarana offers the high-speed connectivity you need for digital audio production, including two FireWire 800 ports, 2 USB ports and 100-base T Ethernet jack.

The Pacarana communicates with the Kyma X software running under Mac OS or Windows via FireWire 800 (IEEE1394B) or an 800-to-400 adapter cable.

Audio and MIDI input and output is handled via an external FireWire or USB converter or, for current Kyma owners, through a Capybara-320 with Flame FireWire I/O. Connect additional USB MIDI controllers like keyboards or fader boxes via the second USB port.

Kyma users include BT, Joel Chadabe, Otto Laske, Laurie Spiegel and Frank Serafine.

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6 thoughts on “Kyma Pacarana A Supercomputer For Sound

  1. Think of it as being able to be a synthesizer (of any known or unknown type; even virtual analogue of a quality which puts the Nord Lead Modular G2 to shame), state of the art sampler, digital fx processor, digital recorder, midi sequencer (this one is only so-so compared to Logic, but anyway), sound analysis tool, and so on, and so on… all of these on steroids (or clenbuterol rather) and with a attractive user-friendly GUI (PC and MAC versions available), unprecedented real time control over any function (requires USB or Firewire controller, but hey listen to this, you can even use the remote of you Nintendo Wii for it!) an with an unbelievable sound quality to boot. And to finish it off it will take your sound and music to places you never imagined. While maintaining a high level of musicality in the process and making it more fun than free, no-strings attached relationships in the 1970s. And this is like only 10% of what it does. It’s that good. Pretty unbelievable stuff, isn’t it?

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