Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra Plays Stairway to Heaven

The Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (mopho) plays Stairway To Heaven on their iPhones at The Crunchies 2008.

The Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) is a new repertoire-based ensemble using mobile phones as the primary musical instrument. Far beyond ring-tones, MoPhO’s interactive musical works take advantage of the unique technological capabilities of today’s hardware, transforming phone keypads, built-in accelerometers, and built-in microphones into powerful and yet mobile chamber meta-instruments.

MoPhO was instantiated in 2007/2008 at CCRMA, Stanford University, by faculty member Ge Wang, Deutsche Telekom senior research scientist Georg Essl, and visiting CCRMA researcher Henri Penttinen, with CCRMA Artistic Coordinator Chryssie Nanou, 2007-2008 MA/MST students, and generous support from Nokia. MoPhO performed its first public concert in January 2008.

via Scott Beale

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